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Your Marital Property Reflects Your Hard Work. Your Division Should Reflect It, Too.

After years of investing in your marriage, disentangling your assets can be complicated, likely wavering between a tedious challenge and a source of great tension. There are two important things to keep in mind throughout this process: Fair does not always mean evenly splitting assets, and you deserve an attorney who will optimize your resources and outcomes.

At my firm, The Law Office of Lauri M. Moylan, you work directly with me. I have spent my career focusing exclusively on family law matters. I am fierce and detail-oriented, allowing me to make the most, for you, of your situation. Call me today at 410-941-4310 to come into my office in Towson. I am also glad to meet by Zoom if you prefer to meet remotely.

The Principles Underlying Maryland Property Division Laws

Marital property typically includes:

  • Homes and other real estate properties acquired during the marriage, regardless of title
  • Bank accounts, both joint and individual, accumulated during the marriage
  • Investments, retirement accounts and pensions
  • Businesses you opened or expanded during your marriage

Marital property typically does not include inheritances, gifts and some property you may have had prior to marriage.

Your property division is a high-stakes moment and should be truly comprehensive. This means uncovering any and all hidden assets. I am meticulous and will work in tandem with forensic accountants to find offshore accounts and hidden money and to properly value business assets.

Getting Things Done Starts At The Law Office of Lauri M. Moylan

I work with you to set a list of what you are willing to give up in divorce negotiations and what you absolutely want to retain. From there, I bring an assertive presence to the negotiating table. If we cannot come to an agreement, I am a relentless courtroom advocate.

For a bold property division strategy, call me today at 410-941-4310 or send an email about your case.