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Your Divorce Is A Step Toward A New Future

Divorce is a momentous occasion because it marks a shift in your life, your community and the way you think. For the first time in what may be years, you need to stop thinking about yourself as a part of a couple and start thinking about yourself as an individual who deserves stability, opportunity and freedom. My job as your attorney is to guide you to through this moment and fight for your future.

I am Lauri Moylan. I have spent over 25 years working with individuals and families in Towson and across Baltimore County in the most difficult moments of their lives. I work to see that any resolution that is reached, whether through negotiation or litigation in court, suits your needs and those of your children.

This Is Your Time To Speak Up

At The Law Office of Lauri M. Moylan, I offer comprehensive, detail-oriented representation on divorce matters, including:

  • Dividing marital assets such as retirement accounts, investments and businesses
  • Ensuring that all funds and assets are on the table for equitable division and have not been dissipated or hidden
  • Establishing clear boundaries for parents through clear co-parenting agreements / custody agreements
  • Providing for your financial stability in spousal and child support negotiations

This may be the only time you have to protect your future; after your divorce and the related processes are done, there is rarely a do-over. This is not the time to be generous to a fault or to put someone else’s needs before your own; today is about you.

A Brief Note On Alimony

Spousal support, also called alimony, is a financial support agreement meant to provide financial stability for partners as they transition to their new lives. It is rarely a permanent situation and depends on many factors, including income, comparative job opportunity, the length of the marriage and each party’s health needs. We can discuss your concerns regarding alimony more at your first appointment.

How Can I Help You?

Today is the right day to call my office and schedule your first appointment: 410-941-4310. You can also contact me online.