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Supporting Parents And Children Through Child In Need Of Assistance (CINA) Issues

When Child Protective Services arrives for a welfare check, the following days and weeks can be harrowing. You likely are worried about your child, yourself and your legal rights and obligations as a parent. After all, very few people welcome the state into their private life.

My name is Lauri Moylan, and I am a lawyer who can help. My career as a family law attorney spans more than 25 years, and in this time, I have worked on countless CINA cases. I understand CPS and Department of Social Services (DSS) and I know your rights as a parent. I can and will fight for your home and family.

It Is Imperative That You Know What To Expect In This Process

If CPS opens an investigation, it means they have a reason to believe that your child is at risk of neglect or abuse. This is likely because of a report filed with the office, either by someone who knows your family and your child or by a professional like a teacher, doctor or police officer. The next 48 hours are crucial if you want to keep your child in your home and retain your role as a parent.

The first thing to know is what type of petition applies to your case: emergency or nonemergency. An emergency petition will result in the immediate removal of a child from a home, but the removal is temporary, pending a hearing. A nonemergency petition leads to a formal inquiry at a hearing within 14 days of when CPS files the petition. These hearings will determine if your child can stay with you, or if your child will be placed outside your home, whether with an extended family member, or a friend, or into foster care as the case progresses.

You Need To Take Decisive Action

I know that these moments are exceptionally complex and emotional, but the thing you need to focus on right now is getting quality representation. I have the knowledge and skill you need to give your family the best possible outcome. Call me at 410-941-4310 in Towson today or email me to discuss your case.